Mistakenly had the caps lock active and drafted a message? Don't want to redo everything from scratch?

Just input your content and select the desired case format to transform it.

A useful online tool that allows you to switch between lowercase and uppercase, capitalize, and adjust your text in various ways. Check out the features below:

Sentence Case

Transformed Into Unified Sentence Case:

Your text becomes a grammatically sound sentence. Every first letter of the sentence gets capitalized while the rest stays in lowercase. Missing periods? We've got them covered!

Example: hello world. -> Hello world.

Title Case

Transformed Into Chic Title Case:

Revamp your headlines or titles using this style. Each word's first letter turns uppercase while the rest remains lowercase.

Example: modern case conversion -> Modern Case Conversion

Lower Case

Transformed Into Sleek Lower Case:

Go full minimalist with all characters shifted to lowercase.

Example: THIS IS AMAZING. -> this is amazing.


Transformed Into Bold UPPER CASE:

Let your text shout out loud! Every character gets turned into uppercase.

Example: shout it out -> SHOUT IT OUT

Upside Down Style

Transformed Into Unique Upside Down Style:

Let's make your text topsy-turvy! Your words appear as if they've been flipped over.

Example: What's up? -> ¿dn s,ʇɐɥM

Reverse Style

Transformed Into Dynamic Reverse Style:

Give a new twist to your text by making it backward. Every letter and word appears in the reverse order.

Example: reverse it -> ti esrever

Random Case

Transformed Into Playful Random Case:

Spice things up with a mix of uppercase and lowercase, altered every time you try.

Example: Random is fun -> RaNdOm iS fUn

Capitalized Case

Transformed Into Stylish Capitalized Case:

Perfect for emphasizing the first character of each word. It capitalizes the initial letter of every word, making it stand out!

Example: capitalize this text -> Capitalize This Text

Alternating Case

Transformed Into Quirky Alternating Case:

Offer a playful touch to your text by alternating between lowercase and uppercase letters in a whimsical style.

Example: quirky and fun -> qUiRkY AnD FuN

Proper Case

Transformed Into Elegant Proper Case:

Perfect for when you want each word's initial letter capitalized, especially when you aim for a polished look.

Example: welcome to the world -> Welcome To The World

Toggle Case

Transformed Into Swift Toggle Case:

Exchange your uppercase letters for lowercase and vice-versa. A fun way to swap your text's case.

Example: ToGGLE cASe -> tOggle CaSe

Enjoy experimenting with these modern tools and bring uniqueness to your text!