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What Is a Strikethrough Generator?

Strikethrough Text Generator allows you to changes text into various styles, like strikethrough, underline, and slash symbol. It gives you plain text that can be pasted anywhere, like social media or chats.

What Is Strikethrough Text?

Strikethrough text features a horizontal line through its center. It's commonly used to denote mistakes or removed words. You might see this in word processors or text editing apps.

What Is Underline Text?

Underline text features a horizontal line directly beneath the characters. This style is often used for emphasis or to indicate that the text is clickable, like a hyperlink.

What Is Double Underline Text?

Double Underline text is similar to Underline text but features two parallel horizontal lines beneath the characters. It is less common but might be used for additional emphasis or to indicate special significance.

What Is Dotted Line Text?

Dotted Line text places a series of dots directly beneath the characters. This is a less common style but can be used for decorative purposes or to differentiate the text from other elements on a page.

Features and Options

Our Strikethrough Text Generator offers multiple styles:

  • Strikethrough: Adds a horizontal line through the text. Example: t̶e̶x̶t
  • Slash Symbol: Decorates the text with slashes. Example: s̷l̷a̷s̷h̷
  • Underline: Adds a line under the text. Example: U͟n͟d͟e͟r͟l͟i͟n͟e͟
  • Double Underline: Adds two lines under the text. Example: d͇o͇u͇b͇l͇e͇ ͇u͇n͇d͇e͇r͇l͇i͇n͇e͇
  • Dotted Line: Adds dots below the text. Example: d̤o̤t̤t̤e̤d̤ ̤l̤i̤n̤e̤
  • Wave Line: Adds a wavy line below the text. Example: w̰a̰v̰ḛ ̰l̰ḭn̰ḛ

How to Use

It's simple:

  1. Input your text.
  2. Select the style you prefer.
  3. Copy and paste the styled text.

Where to Use

You can use the generated text in messages like WhatsApp and Discord, social media posts, or documents. It's that flexible.