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How Many Characters Should My Text Have?

Social Networks (Characters)

  • Twitter(X) post: 280
  • Facebook post: 250
  • Instagram caption: 125
  • YouTube description: 200-1,000

Essays (Words)

  • High school: 300-1,000
  • College admission: 200-650
  • Undergraduate college: 1,500-5,000
  • Graduate school admission: 500-1,000

Blogs, Work, and Literature (Words)

  • LinkedIn article: 1,900-2,000
  • Blog posts: 600-2,500
  • Cover letters: 200-400
  • Resumes: 400-800
  • Short stories: 1,000-7,500
  • Novellas: 20,000-50,000
  • Novels: 50,000-150,000

What Is Character Count?

Although some may think that character count simply refers to the total number of letters in a text, it is actually the total count of all characters, including spaces. This is especially important when a text or document must adhere to specific character limits. Additionally, some translators use character count without spaces to determine the pricing of a translation job.

What Is the Difference Between Word Count and Character Count?

Word count is the number of words in a text, while character count is the total number of all characters in that text. This includes not only letters but also spaces and special characters.

How Can You Count Characters?

You can easily find out the number of characters in your text by opening your document with software like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Alternatively, you can use an online tool like our Character Counter to instantly count the number of characters in a document.

Does Character Count Include Spaces?

Yes, character count with spaces and character count without spaces are two different metrics. Our tool provides both for your convenience.

How Can I Check My Character Count Online?

With our Character Counter tool, you can easily and freely check your character count online.

What Is the Character Calculator?

Character Counter is a simple and free online tool designed to calculate character count. It is especially useful for services like Twitter and Reddit, where character limits are imposed.

How Do You Use the Character Calculator?

Simply type in or paste your text into the input field above. Our Character Counter tool will instantly show you the character count, both with and without spaces, as well as the word count.