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Social Networks (Words)

  • Twitter(X) post: 47
  • Instagram caption: 367
  • LinkedIn post: 500
  • Pinterest description: 83
  • TikTok caption: 367
  • YouTube description: 834

Essays (Words)

  • High school: 300-1,000
  • College admission: 200-650
  • Undergraduate college: 1,500-5,000
  • Graduate school admission: 500-1,000

Blogs, Work, and Literature (Words)

  • LinkedIn article: 1,900-2,000
  • Blog posts: 600-2,500
  • Cover letters: 200-400
  • Resumes: 400-800
  • Short stories: 1,000-7,500
  • Novellas: 20,000-50,000
  • Novels: 50,000-150,000

Automatically count words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs with our free online Word Counter. Just enter your text to get started!

What is Word Counter?

A word counter is an online tool that helps you count the number of words and characters in your text. It also serves as a sentence, paragraph, unique words, short words (≤3 characters), long words (≥7 characters), monosyllabic words (1 syllable), polysyllabic words (≥3 syllables), reading time (min), and speech time (min) counter. The tool provides the total count of words, including punctuation marks, numbers, and symbols. It's beneficial for SEO and is a must-have for digital marketers and social media managers.

Who Can Use Our Tool?

Bloggers, students, journalists, and anyone needing to count words or characters can benefit from our tool.

How is This Word Counter Different From Other Word Calculators?

All word counting made auto online without pressing any 'Sumbit' buttons or using complicated software. Also our word counter not only counts words and characters as other calculators but also offers analysis like unique words, short and long words, monosyllabic words, polysyllabic words, unique words, keywords, long words, short words, reading and speech time. It's ideal for bloggers, SEO experts, and social media managers.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword's occurrence to the total word count in a text, expressed as a percentage. While not a direct ranking factor, it helps SEO writers in optimizing content for relevance to a topic. High keyword density indicates the keyword is likely the main subject. It's part of on-page SEO and should be managed to avoid keyword stuffing.

How to Use the Word Counter Tool?

Counting words with this user-friendly tool is easy.

  • Simply write or copy & paste text into the text box.
  • It will automatically calculate words, characters, sentences, and 'other metrics'.
  • Results will change as you change the text.

Why is Word Count Important?

Writers often have word limits. A word counter helps them. Word count guides the length and detail. Readers benefit from clear, concise writing. Different texts have different word counts. For example, essays, articles, or novels.

How Do Word Counters Count?

Not all word counters measure the same. Some include spaces and often-used words like "the" or "an", but others skip them. This counter includes every word, even basics like "a", "an", and "the"."